We are happy to annouce our next 2023 date for the Train-the-Trainer Class:

September 5-7, 2023
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Become a Facilitator of the Destination Creation Course

This is Jon Schallert and thank you for considering becoming a Facilitator of the Destination Creation Course

First step

The first step in becoming a Destination Creation Course Facilitator is to attend the Destination Train-the-Trainer class. For 2023, the Destination Train-the-Trainer class is conducted as an online, virtual class.

Whether your goal is to become more familiar and skilled at advising independent business owners on how to grow their customer traffic, sales, and profits, or you would like to be a catalyst in your community, association, or organization for providing a Destination Business curriculum, the Destination Train-the-Trainer class is for you.

The Destination Train-the-Trainer class is designed to provide an understanding of my 14-step process of creating a Destination Business. Throughout the class, you’ll learn solutions, best-practices, and the challenges and changes a business must make today to remain viable, successful, and profitable, especially in today’s world.

Facilitators will leave the class with the expertise, tools, and resources to organize and facilitate a Destination Creation Course, based on the proprietary process it took me over 30 years to develop.

The question I’m always asked

“Do I need to be a business expert to become a Facilitator of the Destination Creation Course?


Facilitators do NOT have to be subject matter experts on business success, entrepreneurship, marketing, retailing, or small business operations to be a successful Facilitator.

If you have experience consulting with business owners in your current role, that experience will be helpful, but it is not necessary to become a successful Facilitator of our Course.

You DO have to be willing to organize a Destination Creation class and create an environment for learning and networking among independent business owners.

Facilitators will leave with a facilitator manual, supplemental resources, and access to the entire course of 18 exclusive Destination University® webinars and online interviews, 10 of them recorded by me, explaining my proprietary process, along with nine (9) supplemental interviews of leading business experts and best-selling authors.

Facilitators will also have access to prepared advertising and marketing materials, prepared social media posts, publicity materials, participant certificates, access to Destination training materials and most importantly, access to myself and the other certified Facilitators in a private networking group.

How the Destination Train-the-Trainer class is unique from every other training you’ve attended:

I am the only one who teaches the Destination Train-the-Trainer class. I will teach you an entirely new strategy that I developed over the course of 30 years interviewing over 10,000 independent businesses. My methodology has been used extensively by all sizes of marketplaces that want to pull more consumers to their communities, and by independent business owners who want to pull more customers to their businesses.  For more details on my background, click on the About Jon Schallert link at the top of this page.

Meet our Facilitators

Our top Facilitators are individuals in roles where they support businesses in their organization, association, city, town, or region. Our Facilitators are committed to introducing a powerful, one-of-a-kind business strategy that assists entrepreneurs, business owners, and communities.

Most of our Facilitators come from the following backgrounds:

  • Entrepreneurial consultants, often specializing in start-ups and fostering economic development success in communities
  • Main Street Directors and Downtown Executives
  • Chamber of Commerce Executives
  • Economic Development Professionals
  • Educators, preferably in Adult Education (but not required)
  • Workforce Development Professionals
  • Board Members of organizations desiring to assist business entrepreneurs
  • Any community leader interested in helping local businesses succeed by facilitating a Destination Business course from their community.
  • Universally, our Facilitators share a commitment to learning and assisting independent business owners and entrepreneurs in becoming Destination Businesses

Upon leaving the class, you will have the entire curriculum and access to every webinar and interview. Participants learn from the online lessons but then meet with you online to discuss their exercises and to learn from each other.

What you’ll learn at the Destination Train-the-Trainer class:

During your time in the Destination Train-the-Trainer class, you’ll go through the entire course with me, learning the key components of a successful Consumer Destination. This material is crucially important to the future success of independent businesses.

Additionally, you’ll learn:

  • The most proactive, critical steps that businesses must take this year to generate revenue in their businesses.
  • An entirely new arsenal of techniques and tactics that can help grow your local businesses, encouraging more locals to spend their money at home while attracting more consumers from outside your area
  • An understanding of the challenges of owning and operating a successful independent business
  • How to help owners target the very best, most profitable customers
  • How to help business owners develop their own powerful unique differences and how to market those differences to consumers who ignore traditional marketing
  • How to identify the key variables of financial success in an independent business
  • How to evaluate whether a specific action and event will lead to the impact that is needed for a business to grow
  • Proactive methods to help businesses experiencing flat sales, sales plateaus, and revenue decreases.
  • How to help businesses get the attention of online shoppers with powerful Product Spotlighting techniques
  • The best ways to use product discounts and to learn which methods are doomed to fail, especially when rolled out in a group marketing effort
  • How to help businesses improve their customer services in areas that really matter to consumers
  • The newest “Silver Bullet” solutions in advertising, marketing, and social media that you can take back and share with your independent businesses
  • Finally, how to instantly see the strengths and weaknesses of the key visual areas that consumers judge when entering any business, and how to improve them. 

Interested in learning more?  Just send me an email with your questions to [email protected] and I will personally respond to you.

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Jon Schallert