If You’re an Independent Retailer, You Must Use this During the Covid-19 Crisis

Jun 4, 2020 | Competing in Today's Economy, Covid-19 Business Strategies

I’m about to share with you a software program that can turn an average retail business into a powerhouse online seller for very little work.  And this tool is especially important now during the presence of Covid-19.

I learned about this program last year when a retailer in a little Midwestern town shared with me that she was doing over 2 million dollars a year with a minimal number of people coming in her store. The majority of her sales were online.

The software is from this company: CommentSold.

My Destination BootCamp clients who have used CommentSold said this to me about this e-commerce tool:

“It’s a Gamechanger!”
“Had our best month ever in April, 2020 when our store was closed, better than any December!”
“CommentSold took our business to a whole different level in one month!”
“I love CommentSold!”

If you’ve never heard of the company, trust me on this: Listen to a short 11 minute interview I conducted with one of their senior executives, Carolyn Williamson. You can access it by clicking here.

Then, click here to access an incredibly valuable free download.

Then, when you are ready to call CommentSold to learn more, click here.


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